Our Eco Policy

As a small independent business, it’s important to us that we’re socially, environmentally & ethiclly responsible.

Each month we strive to create an event that is accessible and enjoyable without compromising our social responsibilities, doing as little harm to the planet as possible and becoming a force for positive change.

This environmental statement focuses largely on the behaviours and operational practices we engage in directly. We believe these measures to be meaningful and impactful. We believe these decisions have now positioned us as one of the most sustainable food events in the north of England.

Aside from the operational practices we can directly affect, we recognize the need for us to influence and guide the behaviours of our partner stakeholders. Our organisation works with a diverse array of key stakeholders; generally small independent businesses who trade directly with customers at our events. We believe this is where our main future impact lays.

Over time, our environmental statement will be updated to ensure that we exercise greater influence over the purchasing and operating behaviours of our partner stakeholders. These are not things we can always directly affect, but we intend to do this is an inclusive and supportive way, facilitating business growth whilst limiting any potential adverse effects on our partners.


We’re proud to announce that all waste from Peddler is now composted, recycled or turned into energy, with ZERO waste going to landfill, thanks to our partnership with Forge Recycling. Since teaming up with Forge Recycling in 2019, on average:

75% of our waste is turned into compost
12% is recycled and reused
13% is turned into Refuse Derived Fuel
Zero waste goes to landfill
  1. No single use plastics. All single use plastics have been banned across the Peddler site, including straws, stirrers, cups and containers.  Efforts have been made to ensure that any reusable plastic items are sourced from 100% recycled sources.
  2. Make compost, not landfill. All disposable cups used on the bars are 100% vegware and are fully compostable. All food traders and neighbours are asked to only use 100% compostable packaging. This means that all packaging and food waste can be mixed in the same bins and taken to a sealed composting facility by Forge Recycling. The compost produced is used by Yorkshire Farmers to create a circular, sustainable system:
    1. Crops are grown and waste is produced during harvest / food production processes
    2. From this waste, PLA’s (poly lactic acids) are then used to create our compostable food and drink packaging
    3. Peddler customers use (then recycle) the food and drinkware
    4. Forge Waste collect the waste for composting (some energy is also captured here from gasses in an Anaerobic Digestion part of the facility)
    5. The resulting compost fertilises the land and more crops are grown
  3. Re-useable cups made by Green Goblet are available to purchase as an alternative to Vegware for £2 each and all profits from these sales go towards our partner charities. Reuse of cups and containers is actively encouraged by all staff, where it is safe and hygienic to do so.
  4. Recyclable materials such as glass and cardboard are fully separated and recycled by our commercial waste partners, Forge Recycling.
  5. Any general waste which isn’t recyclable is turned into Refuse Derived Fuel. On average, 13% of waste produced on the Peddler site is converted into RDF.


  1. In 2020 we will publish a travel plan for our event detailing ways in which we can promote use of public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing as a means of accessing our event.
  2. In collaboration with Russells Bike Kitchen we provide 12 cycle racks at Peddler.


  1. Primary Drink Suppliers: Our house lager is Freedom Organic lager.  Freedom are recognised as one of the most sustainable brewers in the U.K. The water used comes from a natural spring source in a bore hole on their brewery site. They do not use isinglass finings so they are 100% vegan. All waste water is processed through a natural reed bed and they use thermal fluid heating that increases efficiency.  Our house Cider is Hogan’s Cider who grow their apples on a 100% organic orchard in Herefordshire.
  2. All our drinks from Hogans and Freedom are delivered in large pallet quantities once a month.  The drinks are dispensed via reusable aluminium kegs, which are returned to Hogans and Freedom to be refilled. Until such time that key kegs can be fully recycled, we will ensure all our brewery deliveries across all guest brewers are delivered in kegs that are not single use.
  3. Our cocktail manager practices zero waste techniques, buying from our fruit and veg supplier in season and striving to waste as little as humanly possible by doing the following:
    1. Dehydrating wasted fruit to use as garnishes
    2. Uses open wine to make syrup
    3. Waste beer is reduced and used in cocktails
    4. Large quantities of fruit is fermented and used as cordials and soda syrups.


  1. We are proud that as of July 2019, all of the electricity powering Peddler is from 100% renewable sources. Energy conservation is encouraged through a progressive fee system, whereby street food traders consuming less energy are required to pay less.
  2. We encourage any trader using natural biomass fuels such as charcoal or wood, to source the most sustainable and non-pollutant form of fuel available on the open market.
  3. The only other alternative form of energy source approved on site is Liquid Petroleum Gas and this is regarded as one of the least offensive and harmful forms of non-renewable energy.
  4. Across site, we use 100% recycled paper and utilize Google Drive shared documents, so we have little need to print as possible.


  1. In 2020 our application process will make it compulsory for all traders to have an environmental statement. Those without will not be chosen to trade.
  2. At least 25% of all our traders will specialize in great vegan street food and all traders must provide at least one vegan option on their menu.
  3. 100% transparency about supply chains will be expected and priority will be given to those traders who support and purchase from organic, bio-dynamic and ethical food suppliers.

If you’d like to discuss any of these matters or have any questions about our environmental statement, please email [email protected]

Download Forge Recycling’s Waste Report for December 2019.